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Medical Store Registration In Pakistan

Medical Store Registration In Pakistan.

A pharmacy or medical store license is issued by a licensing agency specifically under the following conditions:

 Facilities must have adequate equipment suitable for the refrigeration and storage of medicines. Measures to protect medicines from direct sunlight, dust, and dirt. Not only should the facility be clean and tidy, but the medicines should also be stored in a sanitary condition.

Pharmacies must meet the requirements outlined in pharmaceutical laws and regulations.

You must meet the requirements for coverage areas of pharmacies or drug stores. However, it is important to note that pharmacy and medical supply store premises cover areas that differ from those required by law.

Applicants for registration must meet the eligibility criteria under Section 25 of the Pharmacopoeia Act 1976. One of the most important requirements is that every pharmacy has a pharmacist who oversees the sale of medicines.

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An individual may apply to a regulatory agency for the grant or renewal of a license under the Substances Regulations 1976. Applicants must submit entry fees at the following rates on account number 1252 – Health – Miscellaneous on the head of receipts.

 3000 rupees for a pharmacy license and 2000 rupees for a medical supply store license

2000 for pharmacy license renewal and Rs 1000 for medical store license renewal

The permitting agency grants or renews permits under the conditions stipulated by law and regulations.

 If you sell, store, display, or distribute medicines in multiple locations, you must apply for a separate license for each location. However, if the medicinal products are stored only for the purpose of storage after meeting the storage conditions, the storage does not need to be separately registered by law.

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