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Private limited company registration

Private limited company registration

A private limited company is a corporation that never sells its shares to the public and keeps them confidential. Generally, shareholders or appointed directors manage the business. These are small and medium-sized businesses. Pvt ltd company owners have limited liability.

Ownership is used in many domains. If the company goes into bankruptcy, shareholders’ assets are protected. Private Limited Company is a separate legal entity from its members. A minimum of two directors and two shareholders are required for a Private Limited company registration; the Directors Identification Number (DIN) is mandatory for each Director. 

For appointing a chief executive officer, a paid-up share capital of ten crore rupees is required per the companies act 2013.

 A Pvt ltd registration must show 2-200 members for legal registration. We are the leading company in Pakistan to provide you with the finest and quick registration for your business.

Due to the confidence that is attached to the private limited structure, it is simple to hire people and motivate them with corporate designations and stock options, making it difficult for startups to form a team and keep them for a long time. The private limited company is a well-known and popular business form.

Government, vendors, and corporate customers Instead of working with proprietorships or traditional partnerships, agencies prefer to deal with Private Limited Companies.

Private limited company registration requires the following documents

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Frequently Asked Questions

Private limited company registration requires multiple documents that you have to submit. You can contact us over the phone, send your documents online, and we will get your company registered.

The following documents are required for pvt ltd registration. Sanctioned Capital, paid-up capital, Three names of the recommended company, NTN of the suggested directors, Legible scanned copies of CNICs of all the suggested Directors, The registered address for the recommended company, Define the value per share, e.g., 10,100, etc., Division of shares agreed to by each Director, The main business of the suggested company, Define the Nature of the business, Telephone numbers and email IDs of all the recommended directors, Telephone numbers and email IDs of all the recommended directors of the company, SECP login information of the recommended directors, Authorization from other directors, Name of applicant, and Name of the Chief Executive of the recommended company

To start a Private limited company, a minimum of two and a maximum of two hundred members are required.

The owners’ limited liability is the most significant advantage of a private limited company. As a result, shareholders’ assets are safeguarded in the event of the company’s liquidation. The owners are only responsible for the amount they invested in the business in the event of its bankruptcy.

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