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Tax Compliance

Requirements for Sales Tax Return

Completion Time:

7 – 10 Working Days


Requirements of Income Tax Return

Completion Time:

7 – 10 Working Days


Business registration services

CORPTAX provides business registration services to customers with defined knowledge of how to incorporate a business in Pakistan. We are experts in offering company registration services for startup businesses.

Our tax advisors have been implementing new firms in Pakistan for years. And will handle all the complicated legal documents to get the job done. The type of company registration online business you choose will provide numerous benefits in compliance management and taxation issues with government departments.

We at CORPTAX help you to choose the best business entity that meets your requirements. Our focus is always on the legal provisions your business requires during selection and operations. Each year millions of students graduate and establish their business registration in Pakistan. In Pakistan, business registration is mandatory to start a new business. We are offering the best quality services for your business registration in Pakistan. 


CORPTAX is a Tax advisory consulting firm that offers affordable tax filing services that deal with your business taxes before that registration with FBR is required. We will help you to get registered with FBR conveniently. For Filing income tax returns, first, you need FBR registration.

Income tax registration can be online, but the principal officers of AOP and companies must visit the regional tax office. For registration, every business is required to enroll on the Iris portal This FBR registration or enrollment provides you with a national tax number and password. In the case of individuals, thirteen digits Computerized National Identity Cards (CNIC) will be used as NTNs or Registration Numbers.

NTN for AOP and Company is the seven digits NTN received after e-enrollment. These passwords allow access to the Iris portal, the only way to file online Income Tax Returns. Online FBR registration is available from CORPTAX for all types of businesses. Simply send us the required information. We will simplify your online FBR registration.

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