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A person is required to submit an Income Tax Return (ITR) to Pakistan’s Income Tax Department. It details the person’s income and the taxes they will have to pay throughout the year. A person must file an income tax return each year, and filing a revised one requires prior approval from the Commissioner, subject to certain limitations and conditions.

Income tax returns are the forms that assess file information about their income and tax thereon before the income tax return department. If someone files a belated return, they cannot carry forward certain losses. Additionally, the Commissioner now has the authority to approve a return’s revision in case of a genuine error or omission.

Every resident taxpayer filing a return of income is required to file a wealth statement (in the prescribed format) along with the return of income. Pakistan’s tax system consists of over 70 different taxes that at least 37 government agencies administer. 

Any individual can be required to provide the statement mentioned above by the Commissioner. A notice must be submitted to the Commissioner before a wealth statement can be revised. The Commissioner can only accept or disregard a revision if they believe it was made to correct genuine errors or omissions.

A taxpayer can change their wealth statement for up to five years. The Income Tax Return Serves Benefits Income Tax Return is extremely useful in court and can assist you in claiming deductions., and essential Documents for Loan Applications, if you intend to travel abroad, avoid being punished or punished, and you can carry losses forward.

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A person earning Rs600,000 annually as salary income does not have to pay tax in Pakistan. It means that salary income up to Rs600,000 per year is not subject to tax. The tax rates for salary income for the tax year 2023 have been established in the First Schedule of the Income Tax Ordinance of 2001.

The amount withheld for federal income tax and your total income tax are compared to determine your refund. You will receive a refund for the difference if the amount withheld for federal income tax was greater than your annual income tax.

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