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how to register a call center in Pakistan

Call Center Registration In Pakistan

Where the call center provides foreign currency generation services in Pakistan to overseas customers and payments are made through appropriate banking channels as stipulated by the National Bank of Pakistan (SBP) and the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR). Registering a call center in Pakistan is very important or mandatory for setting up a new call center. Furthermore, the Government of Pakistan does not allow any company to start a call center business in Pakistan without obtaining a valid Pakistan Call Center Registration/Call Center License Registration. Therefore, according to the Pakistani government, unregistered companies are not welcome anywhere in the world for this reason and it is imperative that only registered companies or legal entities can apply for call center registration, the government said. The Pakistani province has been operating restrictive call center operations without registration for several years. Sole proprietors or sole proprietors cannot apply for call center registration in Pakistan. PSEB provides outbound and inbound call center registration services in Pakistan.

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Pakistan is a technology-driven country that spreads a positive image of the country around the world and promotes economic growth. Looking back at Pakistan’s economy in recent years, there has been no economic growth in terms of technology. Economic growth is now at a good level. When we talk about technology, we are forced to think about things that didn’t exist before. Knowledge is readily available via the Internet as the world appears to be a global village. The Internet has spawned many new businesses that help provide services and buy and sell products virtually online.

One online service is a call center. A call center can sell products or provide services by charging a fee for each service provided. Therefore, to register a call center, you must first register as a company with the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP).

Tax exemption for IT companies in Pakistan

Until 30 June 2025, IT services export earnings are tax-exempt in Pakistan provided they are remitted in foreign exchange from other countries through Pakistan’s normal banking channels. Income from IT business services provided in the domestic market is taxable.

Pakistan call center registration process

PSEB performs call center registration. PSEB is Pakistan Software Exchange Board. The following documents are required for registration.

  • Brief company profile
  • Bank Account Details
  • NTN of company / NTN of Firm
  • Private Limited Company / Single Member Pvt Ltd / Firm Registration (Form C)
  • List of Directors / Partners – basic profile and contact details
  • Total Employees and basic profiles

Overall, PSEB requires several days for verification. After confirmation, we will issue a certificate and an ID card. Certification he must recertify every four years.

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