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How to get an NTN number in Pakistan?

How to get an NTN number in Pakistan?

National Number, also known as NTN, is a unique number issued by the Income Tax Department as it is the highest tax authority in Pakistan. Any person required to pay taxes under the Income Tax Act 2001 must register with the FBR. Section 114(1) of the ITO 2001 lists the categories of persons required to register with the FBR. Some details of ITO 2001 are as follows:

  • All Sole Proprietorships
  • All Corporations
  • All AOPs
  • All Corporations/NGOs/Nonprofit
  • Salary employees with an annual income of PKR 400,000 or more.
  • Engineers, doctors, lawyers, etc. all professionals are registered with an association, council, or another registrar.
  • Owners of 1000cc or larger vehicles
  • 5Marla Owners of flats or houses as the case may be.
  • Others

FBR has recently announced a very easy registration process for those wishing to register with FBR. Individual symptoms are mandatory before FBR. The process of getting NTN has been made very easy.

Do you want to learn about the FBR procedure for registering with the FBR and issuing NTN?

You must open the FBR IRIS portal over the Internet and select the unregistered registration tab.

Enter your personal information as required and tick the last export option shown. After submitting your information, you will receive a password to access your FBR Iris account. In the Draft, you will see that Form 181 is already available.

Edit the form and share your personal information, including bank details and personal property. The submission is complete and your NTN will be saved in a few minutes.

should be filled in carefully with all necessary information as incomplete information can lead to an FBR penalty under recent law changes.

Documents Required For NTN Registration In Case Of Salaried Persons.

  • Copy of CNIC
  • Mobile Numbers and Email addresses

Documents Required For NTN Registration In Case Of Business Entity.

  • Copy of CNIC.
  • Copy of recently paid electricity bill of business.
  • Rent Agreement or copy of Ownership documents
  • Mobile and Email address.
  • Nature of Business
  • Letterhead stamped
  • Any other document as may be required by FBR

Corptax Solutions have now registered many wealthy people with FBR and soon with NTN. We are the most professional and reliable tax consultany firm in Lahore when it comes to FBR matters. Not only is your data safe and protected with us, but you can also access NTN from the comfort of your home.

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